About Jo-Bell Products

Jo-Bell Products has been producing liquid level controls since 1947, and was originally located in Oak Lawn, Illinois. It has an installed base of hundreds of thousands of products operating throughout the world. Jo-Bell was acquired in 2000 and moved to Carlsbad, New Mexico, where the Jo-Bell product line became part of the Dalnor Systems manufacturing line. The Company operated from Carlsbad, New Mexico, until April 15, 2015, and has now moved to Bonham, Texas.

From food to oil to nuclear applications, and in environments from acidic salt to ordinary water, the Jo-Bell Product line has a solution to match your requirements. See our Products Section for a sampling of our offerings.

Jo-Bell engineering is also available to customize products to our customer's special needs. The Company is continually improving our current product line and is in regular process of new products design.

New Location
711 Corsair Lane
Bonham, TX 75418

Contact Info
Phone: 903.486.6982
Fax: 903.486.6985
Email: sales@dalnor.com