Evaporative Cooling Switch
Model BAC

The Model BAC is a liquid level float switch used on evaporative cooling units to give an electrical signal at a predetermined high or low water level. The unit is supplied with a SPDT switch allowing the wiring configuration to use normally open or normally closed contacts.


Body: The open style body of the BAC is fabricated from 300 series stainless steel.
Float: One 3-1/2" round in 300 series stainless steel is standard.
Trim: The float rod and trim is made of 300 series stainless steel.
Specific Gravity: The minimum standard specific gravity is 1.0.
Mounting: Two 10-32 through holes are provided on 3" centers.
Immersion Depth: The standard immersion depth is 10 inches. An optional minimum immersion of 8.5 inches is available.
Switches: One switch per unit.
Conduit Connection: 1/2" male NPS.


Starting in the unactuated position, a rising liquid level will lift the float and rod, raising the actuating piston towards the magnetic operating zone of the switch assembly. A permanent magnet, located within the switch assembly, snaps forward from the magnetic attraction. In doing so, a plunger is depressed, actuating a micro switch. When the level decreases, the float falls away, pulling the actuating piston to its original position, releasing the permanent magnet, re-setting the switch assembly to its unactuated position.